The Female Firefighter’s Workout (2023)

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After years of yo-yo diets and weight fluctuation, Station 19star Danielle Savre now focuses on being healthy instead of obsessing about being thin. Her lifestyle revolves around fueling her body with the best nutrients to function and building muscle to protect her from injury and deterioration. With women playing more physically demanding roles, like a firefighter, maintaining a healthy, strong physique has become a requirement.

For Danielle’s sister — Los Angeles Fire Department firefighter and paramedic Stephanie Savre — maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health is a top priority. Remaining flexible and creative in high-stress situations is crucial to her job. Therefore, her fitness routine is dynamic and ever-changing to keep her body prepared for all potential scenarios out in the field.

The Female Firefighter’s Workout (1)

This full-body workout — developed and led by Jason Walsh and Devin Wiggins at Rise Movement in West Hollywood, California — uses FitFighter-weighted hoses for their versatility and durability, but you also can use sandbags and dumbbells or try putting weights in a backpack.


In the first series, you activate the nervous system and muscles, priming them for the workout.

Perform each exercise for 30 to 45 seconds on each side and rest 45 to 60 seconds between sets. Repeat three times.

Hip Warm-Up


Setup:Stand straight and grab one 5- to 10-pound FitFighter for each hand. Keep one foot planted while lifting the other foot off the ground. Lean forward with your arms extended. Your arms and your foot should be completely aligned, perpendicular to the ground

Action:Slowly lower your extended arms and leg to get back into the resting standing position. Switch your feet and do it again. Use the FitFighter for counterbalance. This motion will help warm up the hip joints and stabilize the muscles on your hips. Repeat for 20 to 30 reps each side.

Plank Pull-Across


Setup:Place a 20- to 30-pound FitFighter next to you. Set yourself up in a high-plank position. Squeeze your abdominal core and find your center. Lock your hips into place.

Action:Reach and pull the FitFighter with the arm farthest away. Reach and pull back with the other arm. This warm-up exercise will work on the anti-rotation of the core. Repeat for 15 to 20 reps.

Side Plank With Rotation


(Video) A look into training women in the fire service

Setup:Position your body in a standard plank. Place one forearm to the ground and grab your 5- to 10-pound FitFighter with the available hand.

Action:Reach through with the weight and then transition into a lateral plank. To do so, stretch your arm down sideways through the grounded forearm and rotate your body into a side plank by reaching upward. Remember to control your body. Repeat for 15 to 20 reps each side.

Lateral Partner Row


Setup:This warm-up requires a partner. Place an 8- to 10-pound FitFighter on the floor. Both individuals will start by doing a lateral (side) plank facing each other with the exercise equipment in the middle.

Action:Both individuals pick up the exercise weight from the opposite ends with the available arm and play tug of war. Repeat for 15 to 20 reps each side. You can substitute a cable or bands attached to the FitFighter if you don’t have a partner.

Crawl With Pull


Setup:Place a 25- to 40-pound FitFighter in front of you and kneel. Put both palms down on the ground and elevate your knees off the floor.

Action:With one arm, pull the exercise weight upward (toward or past your head) and crawl forward. Repeat with the other arm. Continue to crawl forward to the distance of your choice. Reverse the process afterward by crawling backward and pulling the FitFighter in the opposite direction. Repeat for 10 to 20 reps each side.


In the second series, exercises become more demanding, including full-body and multi-planar movements. Here, you put in the real work.

Perform each exercise for 30 to 45 seconds on each side and rest 45 to 60 seconds between sets. Repeat three to five times.

Iso Pull-Up Hold to Eccentric Drop


Setup:Hold onto the FitFighter (8 pounds linked as handles) with both hands and lower your body by bending your knees to get a full stretch on your arms.

Action:Use momentum by jumping upward and holding your position off the ground. Then slowly lower your body to the floor. This exercise focuses on one’s upper-body strength by working on your core and lats (latissimus dorsi). Repeat six to 10 times.

(Video) What It Takes To Be A Female Firefighter | Be A Badass | Brawlers

Reverse Lunge With Chop


Setup:Hold a 15- to 20-pound FitFighter with one hand.

Action:Perform a reverse lunge. You can do so by taking a step back and lowering your hips so that it’s parallel to the ground. At this point, your knees should be directly above your ankle. As you take a step back, raise the FitFighter and move it down and across laterally toward your body.

After executing this step, proceed to continue the exercise by performing a forward lunge while moving the FitFighter upward and across laterally. Repeat for 10 to 15 reps each side.

Squat Jump With Press


Setup:Hold a 10- to 20-pound FitFighter horizontally with two hands near your chest.

Action:Jump into the air with your arms and feet extended and land in a squatting position. Repeat for 10 to 20 reps.



Setup:Stand up straight with your feet apart. Hold a 15- to 20-pound FitFighter vertically with both hands as if you’re holding an ax.

Action:Moving forward, proceed to rotate your hips and swing the FitFighter upward from one side of your body to above your head and to the middle as if you’re chopping wood. Drop your hips and squat down as the FitFighter hits the ground. Repeat the exercise by switching the direction of the chop with the FitFighter. Remember to get into the rhythm of the workout. Breathe in on the swings and out on the drop. Repeat for 10 to 20 reps.

Single-Leg Get-Up to Pistol Squat


Setup:Grab two 8-pound FitFighters and hold one in each hand. Stand up straight and lift one leg and balance.

Action:Raise your arms and push your hip back to the platform. Keep one foot up as you stretch your arms over your head. Afterward, roll back up with your arms extended and lift yourself from the platform. Remember to keep only one foot planted on the ground at all times. The difficulty of the exercise can be adjusted with the height of the platform. The higher the platform is, the less range of motion you have to do. Repeat for eight to 12 reps each side.

(Video) Female Firefighter Physical Preparation Exercises


In the third series, you can focus on specific areas of the body. At this point, many people would end with some sort of conditioning. Luckily, Walsh and Wiggins built in conditioning throughout this workout, if done properly.

Perform each exercise for 30 to 45 seconds on each side and rest 45 to 60 seconds between sets. Repeat two to three times.

Dead-Bug Lateral Scoot


Setup:Sit on the floor and hold a 10- to 20-pound FitFighter horizontally.

Action:The idea is to rock your body back and counter it with a crunch. In doing so, you’ll be doing a squirming motion that will move your body in one direction. Repeat for 10 to 20 reps.



Setup:Lie flat on the ground while holding a 15- to 20-pound FitFighter over your head.

Action:Lift your legs off the floor and try to touch your toes by crouching up with both hands extended. In doing so, a “V” shape should form with your body. Have a consistent pace. Don’t go too fast because your form will falter and you will risk hurting your lower back. Repeat for 10 to 20 reps.

Prone Body Extension


Setup:Lie down on your stomach while holding a 5- to 8-pound FitFighter on each hand.

Action:At the same time, lift your legs, chest and arms straight off the ground and hold. To increase difficulty, you can extend both arms above your head once you lift your body and revert it to the original position before you lower your body back to the ground. This exercise will work on one’s posterior. Repeat for 10 to 15 reps.

X-Body Pull-Across


Setup:You will need a partner for this exercise. Stand straight and face your partner.

(Video) United Women Firefighters Circuit Workout: Abridged Version

Action:Grab onto each end of a 15-pound FitFighter and drop into an isometric squat. You can do so by planting both feet on the ground and squatting down until your thighs are parallel to the surface. Afterward, both you and your partner will pull and stretch the FitFighter one after the other. This is an anti-rotational exercise, so don’t rotate your hips or torso. That said, you can throw in some rotational movements by extending your arm out as you pull on the FitFighter to increase the difficulty of the exercise. Repeat for 10 to 20 reps each side. You can substitute a cable or bands attached to the FitFighter hose if you don’t have a partner.

Danielle and Stephanie Savre share how fitness has a major impact on their professional and personal lives:

What is your relationship to fitness?

Danielle:My sister and I were raised in a household that encouraged an athletic lifestyle. Ourparents encouraged us to try any sports or activities that interested us. You name it, we did it and gave it our best shot. I stuck with soccer because it was the only thing my sister wasn’t good at. Stephanie was great at everything else she tried. Softball was her sport of choice, which eventually garnered her a full athletic scholarship to Virginia Tech. I like being physically active. Unfortunately, as I got older, club sports teams became confined to weekends. Therefore, I had to reinvent what it meant to live an active lifestyle for myself. Jason had a huge influence. He taught me how to work out properly, how to perfect my form and what exercises targeted specific muscle groups. In addition, he taught me how to accomplish the goals I was trying to achieve and how to properly allow my body to recover.

Stephanie:From being an athlete since I was a little girl to a Division I softball player to mycurrent profession now as a firefighter/paramedic for the Los Angeles Fire Department, my passion for fitness has always been near and dear to my heart. I am grateful that a requirement of my job is to be focused on my physical, mental and spiritual health. I am inspired and driven every day to serve the people of LA City with what I believe is the best version of myself.

What role does fitness play in your lives as an actress and firefighter?

Danielle:As an actress, your image tends to be something that can be fixated on. It is the onlyoccupation where being hired and fired because of your physical appearance is not a human resource issue. That being said, it can be tempting to just want to be skinny. After years of yo-yo diets and my weight fluctuating, I decided to make it a goal of mine to be healthy and not obsess about being thin. It changed my life for the better in every way. Now my lifestyle revolves around fueling my body with the best nutrients to function and build muscle that can protect me from injury and deterioration. My body and how it is perceived will always be a part of my profession. However, now with more physically tough roles for women, like a firefighter, a healthy strong physique is becoming a requirement.

Stephanie:The career of a firefighter/paramedic is one that is physically demanding. My mental and physical strength is tested daily! Whether at the station or on my days off, it is a toppriority and of utmost importance to me. Being flexible and creative while in high-stress situations is crucial to my job. Therefore, my fitness routine is dynamic and ever-changing.I have to keep my body prepared for any incident that I may run into.

Why do you like this workout?

Danielle:I love any workout Jason throws my way. The FitFighter workout challenges me to have to dig deeper both physically and mentally. I like it because it targets and engages so many different muscles simultaneously. It is an efficient way to work out and easy to transport, allowing me to use it on set, in between setups or in my trailer. Also, I appreciate that the weights don’t tear up my hands like iron weights do.

Stephanie:I am a huge fan of the FitFighter workout! The FitFighter hoses are something I amcomfortable with. They focus on grip strength, which is crucial in my profession. Furthermore, they are so versatile regarding the amount of exercises you can do with them.

How does it benefit your overall health/lifestyle/work?

Danielle:Any workout, big or small, is going to benefit my physical fitness and mental health, aswell as my professional endeavors. When I am able to get my workout in, I am in a better mood, get better sleep and have more energy. But we know that! Studies have shown it. We feel and see the results. I just have to keep reminding myself to do it — to constantly try new things, keep it interesting, and to continually challenge my mind and body with new workouts and tools. It’s not easy at times, but it’s important.

(Video) The Fitness Regime of a Female Firefighter: Sweat It

Stephanie:Fitness is the backbone of my lifestyle, health and career. It has, is and always will be a huge part of who I am. I am fortunate and so grateful that being a firefighter/paramediccommands me to constantly evolve and develop my fitness goals. I think the key for anyone is to embrace fitness, however it inspires you in your life.


How do you pass the firefighter test? ›

Some of the areas of study you should focus on that will help you pass the firefighting exam would be:
  1. Directional orientation.
  2. Mechanical aptitude.
  3. Situational reasoning.
  4. Basic math skills.
  5. Reading comprehension.
  6. Spelling, grammar and vocabulary.
31 Mar 2022

What do you call a female fireman? ›

fire·​wom·​an ˈfī(-ə)r-ˌwu̇-mən. plural firewomen. : a female firefighter. a volunteer firewoman.

Who was the first woman firefighter? ›

Molly Williams, a former slave in New York City, is often reported to be the first known female firefighter. She became a member of Oceanus Engine Company #11 in about 1815. Unfortunately not much is recorded about her life, but she is thought to have played an important role during the blizzard of 1818.

What bleep test score do you need to be a firefighter? ›

The time between each bleep decreases for each level. You'll need to reach level 8.6 to pass. This is a test of upper body strength. You will bicep curl the bar to chest height and then shoulder press the bar making sure it passes the 1.9m mark.

Is the firefighter fitness test hard? ›

The CPAT is a difficult, strenuous test, but not impossible. By taking into account the tips above, you will be able to prepare for it as effectively as possible.

Is the firefighter test easy? ›

I have found the written test to be the easiest part of the firefighter application process as long as you are well prepared for it. Preparation for this test is the only part of the process that you can influence yourself. Make sure you take time to study hard for these tests.

What is a fire lover called? ›

A pyromaniac has a frequent, powerful desire to set fires. This is different from an arsonist, who sets fires for money. Pyromaniacs just set fires because they want to and feel a compulsion to. Pyromania is a sickness. A pyromaniac could also be someone who loves watching fires.

What are the 4 types of firefighters? ›

10 firefighter types
  • Volunteer firefighter.
  • Inspector.
  • Wildland firefighter.
  • Firefighter engineer.
  • Airport firefighter.
  • Firefighter/EMT.
  • Firefighter/paramedic.
  • Fire investigator.
5 Apr 2021

How hard is it to become a firefighter as a woman? ›

The entry requirements are the same for all firefighters, regardless of their gender. As a girl firefighter, though, you may need to exercise more and focus on building up your strength. In this role, you'll be lifting heavy equipment, climb up huge ladders and work night shifts.

Are female firefighters effective? ›

Women have been functioning successfully as career firefighters and officers for more than 25 years, and as volunteers for much longer. Even if you're the first woman on your department, you're part of a strong tradition of women who are dedicated to the fire service and who have found their place in it.

How many firefighter are female? ›

There are over 142,017 firemen currently employed in the United States. 11.8% of all firemen are women, while 88.2% are men.
Fireman Age.
Fireman YearsPercentages
20-30 years17%
2 more rows
9 Sept 2022

What do you call a firefighters wife? ›

A Fire Wife is married to a Firefighter, but more importantly, she's the one making sure that a Firefighter can do their job.

How many push ups do firefighters do? ›

Part 1: The Test

So you are trying to do 40 pushups in 60 seconds with strict timing of going up and down (as opposed to the PRMC test of 60 in 120 sec – slightly slower cadence, only counting the start of each pushup, and allowing a few inches of ground contact with a closed fist).

Do you have to be really fit to be a firefighter? ›

Good overall fitness is required for the role of firefighter. You should train the whole body to improve or maintain your levels of aerobic endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility.

How fit is a firefighter? ›

Firefighting is a highly physical job that requires a high level of strength and anaerobic endurance. An aggressive interior fire attack, scaling a ladder with heavy equipment and tools to ventilate a roof, lifting or dragging an unconscious victim all require a high level of both strength and anaerobic endurance.

How much weight do firefighters carry? ›

NFPA requires all sets of turnout gear to be retired at or before 10 years of service. The average set of turnout gear weighs as much as 45 pounds. This includes; helmets, gloves, hoods, boots, coats, and pants. Tack on other equipment like radios, lights, irons, and that weight can easily be doubled.

What is 8.8 on bleep test? ›

To pass this test you must achieve level 8 shuttle 8 (8.8). You will be asked to run at increasing speeds of 0.5 km/hr over a 20 meter shuttle distance to the pace of a cd player. You will start off jogging at 8.5 km/hr at level 1. The test will bleep to start and you must meet the bleep at each 20m shuttle.

Can you become a firefighter with ADHD? ›

Police officers and firefighters : Because these public servants are usually busy and they can't predict what will happen on the job from day to day — which is great for ADHD folks who don't like tedious routines — a career as a police officer or a firefighter can be a great option for adults with ADHD.

What kind of math is on firefighter exam? ›

The math component will cover areas such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and the use of decimals, fractions, and percentages. 5. Use your time efficiently. The FCTC written test is not a speed test, but is timed.

Do you get a calculator on the firefighter exam? ›

The FST tests for basic abilities required for the firefighter position. The FST exam does not require previous firefighting experience or first-hand knowledge of the firefighter position. There are no calculators or web-based electronic devices allowed during the testing process.

Is the firefighter test multiple choice? ›

Test Overview

The FCTC Written Exam is a 100 question, multiple choice test consisting of the following four sections: Section 1 – Recall and Comprehend Verbal and Visual Information. This section requires candidates to watch two short videos and answer questions based on the scenarios presented.

What is a fire starter called? ›

(tool used to start a fire): incendiary.

What is the slang word for fire? ›

What does fya mean? Fya is slang form of fire, used for anything that's, well, lit.

Are most firefighters in shape? ›

Firefighters. They're quick to arrive at the scene of a crisis and need to act fast to save people's lives. Oftentimes, these professionals are in great shape — and that's because their jobs depend on it, and they have to go through some of the most intense training around.

What talents do firefighters have? ›

9 important firefighter skills
  • Communication. Firefighters use strong communication skills when working with other firefighters during emergency situations. ...
  • Problem-solving. ...
  • Social competence. ...
  • Time management. ...
  • Spatial awareness. ...
  • Physical fitness. ...
  • Adaptability. ...
  • Mechanical aptitude.
15 Jun 2021

Where do firefighters make the most money? ›

New Jersey

What age is best to become a firefighter? ›

Meet basic requirements to become a firefighter

For those younger than 18, you can look into limited involvement as a junior firefighter. There also will likely be a maximum age, usually between 28 and 35 years old, depending on the department you're applying to.

Are female firefighters paid less? ›

Women who worked in protective service occupations made 76 cents to the dollar men earned in 2021. That's $253 out of a weekly paycheck, which means she got paid $13,156 less doing the same job in 2021.

Can female firefighters get pregnant? ›

No firefighter, while pregnant, shall be forced to take leave by the fire department if the firefighter's physician determines that the member is still able to work. While on maternity leave, the firefighter will retain active status.

Where do female firefighters sleep? ›

Every firehouse now has separate locker rooms and bathrooms for women -- a requirement Bamattre mandated during his tenure. Some stations offer separate sleeping areas; in others, women share the dorm with men. Resentment sometimes flows from those accommodations.

Which country has the most female firefighters? ›

New Zealand has a high proportion of female firefighters; in 2021, 6% of career firefighters and 20% of volunteer firefighters were female. The Women in Fire and Emergency New Zealand (WFENZ) represents women in the organisation and to national and international agencies.

What percent of firefighters are out of shape? ›

80% of Firemen Are Fat and Out of Shape, Except When It Comes to Compensation.

Can a small girl be a firefighter? ›

Some female firefighters may be smaller than their male co-workers, but they're often still capable of the same tasks.

When was the first female firefighter hired? ›

The first all-woman forest firefighting crew in California was assembled in 1942.

How many firefighters are married? ›

In our sample, 77 percent of male firefighters were currently married and 11.8 percent were currently divorced. This compared to 57.5 percent married in the U.S. population and 9.4 percent divorced.

Is it hard to be married to a firefighter? ›

Being married to a firefighter is not always easy. First, the high risk nature of the job can be difficult for some spouses. There are many more dangerous jobs than firefighting, but waiting to hear from them after a fire can be a cause for worry. The hardest thing for the spouse of a firefighter is the absences.

Do firefighters get married in uniform? ›

Class A Firefighter Uniform

The categorized Class A uniform is also commonly called "dress uniform" in the public safety personnel departments. This uniform is worn during special formal events, such as awards giving, weddings, funerals, and other public ceremonial occasions.

Do firefighters get married? ›

However, some firefighters are single, unmarried, and do not have children. Many more firefighters like yourself are married and have kids. It is not uncommon for people with careers to also have spouses and children.

What muscles do firefighters use the most? ›

Firefighters use the glutes for almost every fireground operation, which makes them one of the most important muscles in the body to train. The glutes have also been described as the brain of the lower body because they control everything that happens in your legs.

Why are firefighters so muscular? ›

Muscular power is the product of force and speed of muscle contraction. Muscular power is important to meet the physical demands of firefighters as it is necessary for them to complete the tasks [4].

What muscles do firefighters need? ›

Not only do your abs have to be strengthened, but so does your back and posterior chain. This includes muscles and joints such as the glutes, the shoulder girdle, hips, hamstrings (pretty much your entire lower body), and abs.

How fast should a firefighter run a mile? ›

To earn the point for this event, you must finish within 2 minutes and 30 seconds. If you don't finish in time for the point, you'll have 30 more seconds to pass and continue your test.

How do I get fit like a firefighter? ›

30-Minute or 45-Minute Workout Option
  1. Squats using body weight or a goblet (weight in front)
  2. Push-ups or a chest press.
  3. Body rows or a dumbbell row.
  4. Overhead press.
  5. Lunge with a bicep curl and a triceps press.
31 Mar 2021

How long does it take to get firefighter fit? ›

These guidelines will provide you with this knowledge and guide you through a typical 12-week training programme that is designed for a physically active individual with some previous physical training, exercise or sports experience (e.g. hockey, circuit training, cycling etc.).

Do female firefighters have the same physical requirements as men? ›

Female firefighters are held to the same standards as male firefighters. From a physical standpoint, of course men and women are anatomically different. Men typically have stronger upper body strength, but women are able to adapt and use their lower bodies to compensate for this difference.

Can you sleep as a firefighter? ›

Firefighters often spend 24 hours at a time at the firehouse followed by 48 hours off duty. During this time they eat, sleep, shower, work and relax at the firehouse. So, they essentially live at the firehouse for approximately 1/3 of their career.

Why do firefighters have to be strong? ›

Without the ability to call forth the sudden, intense energy needed to fight a fire, a firefighter in poor physical condition could be in grave danger. Also, a firefighter's lack of physical fitness can be viewed as a matter of public safety, as well as individual health.

How many questions are on the Fire Team test? ›

28 Scenarios, 76 Questions, 57 Minutes

This test is presented on video and the items play without stopping. You will have 10 seconds to answer each question. You don't need experience to answer these questions.

How many pushups should a firefighter do? ›

Muscular endurance: Pushups

The goal is as many pushups as one can do within two minutes. The test is over if the participant reaches 80 pushups, does three incorrect pushups in a row, or doesn't maintain continuous motion with the metronome.

What is a good score on the firefighter written exam? ›

70% or higher is considered a passing score.

Can I become a firefighter without maths? ›

Selection criteria: Applicants without Mathematics and Physical Science will be selected for admission based on the successful completion of a potential assessment, a science skills knowledge test and an interview.

How good of shape do you need to be in to be a firefighter? ›

Some forms of firefighting may come with additional fitness requirements. For instance, smokejumpers must complete seven pull-ups, 45 sit-ups, 25 push-ups, and a 1.5-mile run in fewer than 11 minutes. If you plan on being out in the field at all, being physically fit is a must.

What are the 4 positions in a fire team? ›

The Elements of a Fire Team

Each fire team has four Soldiers—a fire team leader, a rifleman, an automatic rifleman, and a grenadier.

Can you use a calculator on the FireTEAM test? ›

While the NFSI include job-related questions you will not require any firefighting experience or knowledge to pass the test. Other than pen and paper, no aids are allowed during the test. No dictionaries, spelling aids and web-enabled devices are allowed, and most importantly no calculators.

Is the firefighter test multiple-choice? ›

Test Overview

The FCTC Written Exam is a 100 question, multiple choice test consisting of the following four sections: Section 1 – Recall and Comprehend Verbal and Visual Information. This section requires candidates to watch two short videos and answer questions based on the scenarios presented.

Is it hard for a woman to be a firefighter? ›

"It's challenging. It can be," said George. "It's really just at times making sure you're the hardest worker in the room and going above and beyond in different ways." The limited amount of female firefighters in leadership roles is something some are working to change.

What do you wear to a firefighter exam? ›

Comfortable, casual attire is recommended as the written exam is designed to take up to three (3) hours.

How many items are in a fire exam? ›

How Many Items are in the FOE? The FOE is composed of 150 questions, plus 10 items about the applicant's personal information. Exam Time Limit: 3 hours and 5 minutes. The Civil Service Commission holds are pre-examination briefing that takes at least 1 hour.

What fitness tests do firefighters have to take? ›

The 6 National Firefighter Physical Tests
  • Ladder Climb.
  • Casualty Evacuation.
  • Ladder Lift / Lower Simulation.
  • Enclosed Spaces.
  • Equipment Assembly.
  • Equipment Carry.
22 Jan 2021


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